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Information display

The Company is engaged in development, implementation and maintenance of software and hardware tools (software and hardware systems) designed for integrated displaying of specific types of information on multiple and individual display facilities.

When displaying much amount of information by using a great deal of display facilities (video walls, display boards, main monitors, etc.) a purpose-built system may be designed to include:

  • Information management workbench;
  • Controls of multiple display devices;
  • Control units of individual display devices;
  • Inner local area network switchboard;

The main functions of the system can be the following:

  • simultaneous reception, processing (digitization) and transmission of information to display devices from a predetermined number of analog or digital video streams (television channels, VCR video channels, video camera channels) and RGB/DVI channels;
  • creation of integrated information environment for composite display devices (video walls), with resolution characteristics of the environment components taken into account;
  • display of information on composite display devices (video walls) by means of transmission of the created integrated information environment through several raster interfaces (RGB/DVI);
  • information management by means of display facilities;
  • formatting, scaling, blocking, restoring and converting information in multiscreen display modes.
  • The following information is received and sent for display:
  • text-based documents;
  • bitmap images;
  • video clips;
  • analog video;
  • analog television channels;
  • digital television channels;
  • etc.

There is a possibility to digitize information of analog television channels and analog video.