• AKKR-1M
  • Integral 400 wireless modem
  • Linear antenna array

Automated complex for testing and recording

The automated complex for testing and recording (AKKR-1M) is jointly developed by ZAO NRTB and OOO Aviatest. The complex is a part of the Automated flight control system, it is installed on the Yak-40 flying test bed. The aircraft is made available by the Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute named after S. A. Chaplygin.

AKKR-1M is used to record electromagnetic environment during flight tests with a view to assess electromagnetic compatibility of the cellular networks radio electronic facilities of GSM-900 standard and radio electronic facilities of the takeoff and landing navigation. The complex also ensures measurement of the electromagnetic environment in the following frequency ranges:

  • 0.190-1.75 MHz – radio homing beacons
  • 74.3-75.3 MHz − radio marker beacon
  • 108-118 MHz – on-course beacon (ILS, VOR)
  • 118-137 MHz – VHF radio stations
  • 329-341 MHz – glide-path beacon
  • 726-1048 MHz – short-range radiotechnical navigation system/mobile radio beacon group and GSM-900 systems
  • Recording of the electromagnetic environment is done automatically which permits accumulation of information to analyze situation on the test site.

    During monitoring of the electromagnetic environment there is also a possibility to get the following information:

    • character and parameters of ECM signals in the navigation system frequency band;
    • whereabouts of the flying test-bed that determined the effect of interference on the operation of the system;
    • whereabouts of the interference source.

    AKKR-1M is a unique development that allows doing all the measurements in the shortest possible time. A use of the AKKR-1M will help significantly reduce material and time resources required for flight testing.